Spectrographics Instruments

Spectrographics Instruments

In 2012 Spectrographics identified a market for a Multi-Species Gas Logger. Currently drilling rigs measure the amount of gasses dissolved in the drilling fluid (mud) with instruments that measure total combustible gas. The industry wants that measurement to be separated into its hydrocarbon components (C1-C5). Chromatographs are often used to provide this measurement. They have two major drawbacks. They require significant and continuous maintenance. They take minimum of 10 seconds per reading. With current drilling speeds, this can represent several meters of hole.

Pason Systems has developed and deployed a spectroscopy based instrument which provides Multi-Species measurements once per second. Spectrographics approached a US based mudlogger (Impac Exploration Services) to partner in the development of a competitive product.

Specrographics Instruments has spent the past two year developing the tools, the mathematical algorithms, gas chambers and finding a sensor that can provide the spectral measurements required.  We have tested the use of 4 different sensor technologies two Fabry-Perot interferometer (FPI) technology;  one  Michelson interferometer technology developed in Egypt and one using a new Canadian technology that provides tune monchromatic light. We have determined that a Canadian sensor is the best but most expensive while an Egyptian one seems to be good enough, is a more mature product and is less expensive.

We are currently designing a rugged unmanned mud logging instrument using the Egyptian technology.  Using spectroscopy our product will be both fast (1 sec update) and unmanned, low maintenance and rugged. No other technology has been shown to accomplish these two key features.

Currently the management team consists of:

Gary Gunthorpe (PEng.) President

An experienced serial entrepreneur who has taken direct responsibility for the full range of corporate, business and product development and financing activities at both strategic and tactical levels in a number of organizations and industry sectors.

  • 38 years experience working with young companies
  • Product development expertise
  • Board governance experience
  • On the board of 5 young companies

Founder and past President of Deltatee Enterprises Ltd. ( Deltatee )